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2005-11-25 | 2:53 a.m.

It is late, later than late, and the house still smells like there's a turkey in the oven. I started the day with a bad headache but after consuming one of everything in our home pharmacy, it backed off and let me cook. After many delays, the kids finally got to go on the roof and clear the gutters with their father. It's such a big deal for a kid, to go on the roof. I can remember going on the roof with my own father.

When it was all over but the wishbone Duff took the kids to my Mom's to watch something on TV about Felony's choir group. I stayed home and let myself be swallowed up by the bed. When I awoke hours later, I had Rusty stretched out alongside my legs, Darla's head on my shoulder, and Rufus the cat coiled up between my knees (a rare event). I was reminded of that old Peanuts adage, "Happiness is a warm puppy."

I can hear a plane in the sky. I'm glad I'm not flying anywhere tonight. Much nicer to be on my way back to bed.

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