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2004-01-30 | 3:41 p.m.

Duff said he was thinking maybe we could do ďthat thingĒ at the courthouse on the Friday before Valentineís Day (aka our ten-year anniversary). You know, Friday the 13th. Then later, while he was watching Speed Racer with the kids, I told him if he really wanted to do ďthat thingĒ on Friday the 13th, heíd better call to reserve a spot. Because itís short notice already.

What Iím wondering is, how are we going to pull this off if we canít even bring ourselves to say the words out loud? I donít want to talk at all. Just let me sign the paper. Why does there have to be a talking part? If they start talking about love, Iíll start crying. And not for all the sweetsie reasons.

But Iím guessing that heíll forget to call in time, and even though itís a bad-luck day, enough wags and foreigners will have signed up to moot the point. Iím counting on it.

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