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2003-03-14 | 1:13 p.m.

I want to say something that most of you already know, but Iím going to say it anyway.

I object to this war because it will constitute the first time, officially, that the U.S. attacks another country without direct provocation. But on a more personal level, it bothers me deeply that George W. Bush will be sending others to their deaths when he did not have the dignity to serve his country honorably as a National Guardsman. Instead he went AWOL for more than a year.

Actually, if you read the AWOLBush site, youíll learn that according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, anyone who goes AWOL for more than 30 days is guilty of desertion.

I know that desertions were common during the Civil War, when men would leave their units to go home for food and supplies. My own great-great-grandfather did it, in fact, and then rejoined his fellow Union soldiers and finished out the war.

Viet Nam was different, of course. I was only a kid during the Viet Nam War, but Iíve been told that anyone over there who went AWOL would have been court-martialed. We end up with a guy who instead of being punished is rewarded with the highest office in the land. I think I should write a song for George Bush called, "What If We Threw a War, and Nobody Came?"

Where were you in '72?

George Bush, the Deserter
More details about Bush's non-service from a complaint to the Defense Department

Veterans Against the Iraq War

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