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2003-03-02 | 5:39 p.m.

Bless me, FlyLady, for I have sinned. We only took down our Christmas tree yesterday. Itís still green. Ever since, Felony has been wearing the tree skirt as a skirt. Itís made of red wool felt, and hangs just like a poodle skirt on her. She loves dancing around in it. I wonder if I should rent Grease. I would if I didnít think they would memorize all the songs and torment me with them.

We went to see a comedian who was joking about how women know all the words to the songs from Grease. He would play a few notes of a song and the audience would sing the words. But at our table, when he played ďSummer Nights,Ē it was Duff who could sing along, not me.

The comedianís name was Craig Robinson, by the way. I thought he was pretty good.

Jinx is all about transformers lately. He watches the show on TV, in my mother's room, and if heís napping when it comes on, my Mom tapes it. This kidís sense of entitlement barely fits in our house anymore.

"Mom, did you know that Optimus Prime can transform into an affordable command center?"

No, I didnít know that.

ďMom, look. Look, Mom. I made my own transformers that transform into birds. This one is 'Spankwart,' and this one is called 'Functional Air.'"

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